Sheep Farming

Sheep Farming

Sheep rearing is one of the traditional occupations for the people of few countries around the world. Sheep have been reared as domestic animal since ancient times. Sheep rearing is one such business. Which can be started anywhere in desert, barren, mountainous and semi-arid areas. Apart from this, a lot of investment is not required to start this type of business on a small scale. And it does not even require a lot of space to raise sheep. Usually means sheep rearing. 'The commercial rearing of sheep for the purpose of producing meat, milk and wool'. However, sheep rearing for commercial milk production is not a good decision. Sheep are suitable for meat and wool production. If you have proper facilities, you can raise sheep both in small and large scale. commercial sheep farming business is very profitable. And you will get your investment back in a very short time. 

Information About Sheep Farming

Sheep is a herbivorous domestic animal, which grows very fast. In the last few years, there has been a lot of growth in the sheep farming business. Because it makes its physical development by eating wild grasses and green leaves of trees and plants as food. Due to which there is no need of much expenditure in their upbringing and care. Overall, their diet is quite simple. You do not have to work hard for their food. Sheep are mainly reared for the purpose of obtaining wool, meat, milk. Lamb meat is very nutritious as well as many vitamins are found in it. And the highest demand is for its wool. Due to which its usefulness increases further.

There are more than 10 million sheep in the country as per the 20th cattle census. Which are being followed by the people. In many ways, sheep rearing is much simpler than other animals. Because sheep are small in size. Due to which they can be followed very easily in less space. The most important thing is that they have the ability to mold themselves according to the weather. Therefore, they can be raised in all types of climate. 



How To Start Sheep Farming

Almost farmers in India do agriculture work as well as animal husbandry. Which is their main source of income. However, most of the farmers follow cow, buffalo, goat etc. But there are many such states in our country. Where sheep rearing is done on a large scale. And sheep rearing is being done in almost all the countries of the country. And in this case, India is the third largest sheep rearing country. The business of sheep farming is increasing continuously. Actually, the cost of sheep rearing is less than other animals. And the profit is greater. This can be easily done by small and marginal farmers.

Generally, the price of a sheep can be between 3 thousand rupees to 8 thousand rupees. This is what it means to say. That you can do your sheep farming business very easily in about 1 lakh rupees. An enclosure of 500 square feet is considered sufficient for 20 sheep. But it should be open and airy. You can make this fence for thirty to forty thousand rupees.


What Is Needed For Sheep Farming

Some basic things are required to start any business. Similarly, some important things are required in sheep rearing. As -

Selection Of Suitable Place For Sheep Farming

Land is the most important thing to start any business. where you will follow them. Sheep do not require high or expensive housing. Till then they are happy. As long as you meet their basic housing needs. If you are doing sheep rearing work on a small scale. So you can easily do it at your home. During large scale sheep rearing, animals need open space. During sheep rearing, a maximum of 10 square feet is required for the growth of a sheep. During sheep rearing, all the sheep can be kept together. Because these organisms do not have the tendency to fight among themselves. However, arrangements are made to keep the male animal and the pregnant animal separately from other animals.




Build a suitable fence around the pasture if you allow them to graze on the pasture. So keep the fence strong enough that they can't go out and be safe inside.

Good fencing also helps keep out all kinds of predators. You can make a wire or woven fence.

For Pregnant Sheep Living Place

Pregnant sheep are always kept separate from other sheep. Because due to injury to the animal during pregnancy, you may have to suffer the loss of both the sheep and the baby. You can easily keep 3 to 4 conceived sheep at one place. For which a maximum distance of 25 to 30 square feet is required.

Arrangement Of Proper Food For Sheep 

Sheep require proper amount of food for proper development. By the way, sheep are generally grazed in open space. By the way, sheep are generally grazed in open space. However, most of the sheep farmers graze them outside. But keep in mind that sheep should be grazed in pastures only in the morning and evening.

Care And Management

Good care and management can ensure maximum profit from your sheep farming business. So always try to take good care of your animals. Always try to buy quality and productive breeds, feed them nutritious food and build a suitable home for them. Vaccinate sheep on time to prevent various types of diseases. And before starting sheep farm, select proper breeds. Because maximum profit mostly depends on selection of high quality and healthy sheep breeds.

Calculation of Income From Sheep Rearing

During sheep rearing, 1 sheep gives birth twice in a year. If they are well taken care of. So you can get two chicks from each female sheep at once. Thus if you start animal husbandry with 15 female sheep. So in 1 year you will have about 50 sheep. 

If we consider the cost of 1 sheep to be about 7 thousand, then the total cost of 50 sheep is about 3.5 lakhs. In which if from the purchase of all the sheep to their food and all the expenses are removed about 2.5 lakhs. So the farmer gets an income of 1 lakh in a year very easily. 



benefits of sheep farming

  • Sheep rearing requires less capital.
  • Sheep do not require high or expensive housing. And on the other hand less labor is required as compared to other types of animals.
  • Farmers can also raise them with other animals. Little space is required to raise sheep.
  • Sheep can eat a wide variety of plants compared to other types of livestock. Therefore they are very useful for cleaning up failed plants.
  • They can also survive by consuming low quality hay. and can efficiently convert it into meat and wool.
  • Sheep are basically so few. that they destroy trees more than goats.
  • The production of wool, meat and manure provide small farmers with three different sources of income.
  • The structure of their lips helps them to clean up the grain lost at the time of harvest. and thus converts waste feed into profitable products.
  • These are very hardy animals, and can adapt themselves easily to most types of environments.
  • Mutton is very popular in India. Hence, commercial sheep rearing can be a great source of earning and employment by proper care and management.

Disadvantages of Sheep Farming

  • There may be some common complications in sheep farming business. Such as protection of sheep from predators, arrangement of housing, protection in cold weather, diseases etc.
  • Of these problems, predators and diseases cause the most damage to sheep.
  • Proper fencing and timely vaccination of diseases are very important for the protection of sheep.
  • External parasites can cause health problems. Therefore, the ectoparasite should be removed from the sheep's body regularly and at regular intervals.
  • Proper feeding of sheep during breeding season is also useful in increasing the size of the herd.

What Breeds of Sheep Are There

Gaddi, Muzaffarnagari, Jalauni, Gurez Sheep, Rampur Bushair, Punchhi, Karnah, Changthangi, Banpala, Kashmir Merino, Poogal, Tibbatan,

Chokla, Marwari, Magra, Jaisalmeri, Nali, Malpura etc.




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