Types of frog

Types of Frog

1. Red-Eyed Tree Frog

red eye tree frog

  • The red-eyed tree frog a native of the tropical lowlands extending from southern Mexico to northern South America, is a favorite for its remarkable adaptations. 
  • As with other amphibians, red-eyed tree frogs start life as tadpoles in temporary or permanent ponds.
  • Red-eyed tree frogs are carnivores, feeding mostly on insects.
  •  Ideally, they require a daytime temperature from 75 to 85 °F (24 to 29 °C) and nighttime temperature from 66 to 77 °F (19 to 25 °C).
  • The frog's red eyes are used for a startle display called deimatic behavior.

2. Purple Frog

purple frpg

  • The purple frog is one of only two species in the family Nasikabatrachidae.
  • In some communities, an amulet is made from the frog and is worn by children as it is believed this will reduce their fear of storms.
  • Earlier thought to be restricted to the south of the Palghat Gap in the Western Ghats, additional records have extended its known range farther north of the gap.
  • The Purple Frog growth also depends on the velocity of the water.
  •  While it's not the only frog that lives below ground, it is the only one that can feed itself without surfacing, relying solely on termites and ants it finds in the soil. 

3. Malagasy Rainbow Frog

malagasy raimboy frog

  • The impressive Malagasy rainbow frog from Madagascar goes by many unofficial names, including the ornate hopper and the red rain frog. 
  • The fingers have “claw-like” structures, which are actually a highly prehensile tip of each digit with horny skin that improves grip during climbing.
  • With a snout-vent length of 2.6 to 4 cm (1.0–1.6 in), females average larger and reach a larger maximum size than males which measure 2 to 3.4 cm (0.8–1.3 in).
  • The Malagasy rainbow frog is an explosive breeder (meaning that the breeding season is short and begins suddenly) that breeds in groups in November–December just after the first heavy rainfall in the early rainy season. 

4. Blue Poison Dart Frog

blue poison dart frog

  • The blue poison dart frog is unquestionably beautiful—like sapphire. 

  • These frogs spend most of their awake time, during the day, hopping around in short leaps. 

  • Eggs are laid in the male's territory, which he defends.

  •  The sexes are similar in appearance, with females being slightly larger than males.

  •  Every individual of the species has a distinct pattern of black spots on its back and sides, a sort of fingerprint that can be used to tell them apart.

5. Golden Poison Dart Frog

golden poison dart frog

  • The golden poison dart frog might be small, but it packs a mean punch. 
  •  A typical wild golden poison frog has from 700 to 1,900 micrograms of toxin in its system, a fraction of which—200 micrograms or less—is enough to kill a human. 
  •  It is an endangered species, owing to its small populations, the limited extent of its range, and the ongoing decline of its habitat.
  • Frogs raised in captivity never become toxic; only the wild frogs are lethal. 

6. Paedophryne amauensis

paedophryne amauensis

  • Due to having a high surface to volume ratio, the Paedophryne amanuensis are subject to water loss and dependent on the high-moisture content of leaf litter
  • Glass frogs may be small, but they have nothing on the Paedophryne amanuensis, which at only 0.3 inches in length isn't just the smallest frog, but the world's smallest vertebrate. 
  • Rittmeyer, Grundler, and study co-author and classmate Derrick Thompson '09 then collected more specimens, which were identified as a new species.

8. Desert Rain Frog

desert rain frog

  • The Desert Rain Frog is a rare species found only along a 6.2-mile wide strip of coastline in Namibia and South Africa.
  •  it develops directly from the egg into adults without passing through the tadpole stage. 
  • Its specialized habit is threatened by human settlement and open-cast diamond mining, and scientists are concerned that the frog's population is declining.
  • it does not require water in its habitat to survive. Its eyes are comparatively large and bulging.

9. Indian Bullfrog

indian bullfrog

  • Not all yellow frogs will kill you — some, like the Indian bullfrog, will just entertain you with their singing skills and vivid colors.
  • They are found in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. 
  • The tadpoles grow to be the largest (around 20 millimeters) and also grow the fastest.
  • They have also become an invasive introduced species in the Andaman Islands.
  • They feed on various types of insects, invertebrates, mice, shrews, young frogs, earthworms, roundworms, juvenile snakes, and small birds.

10. Ornate Horned Frog

ornate horned frog

  • The females of C. ornata can grow to be 16.5 centimeters (6.5 inches) snout to vent (SV) and the males 11.5 centimeters (4.5 in) SV.
  • Dimorphism traits between the two sexes are size difference and males possessing darkly pigmented throats and nuptial pads on the forelimbs.
  • The species is endemic to Argentina, where its splotchy red and green coloration helps conceal it on the forest floor.

top 10  frog types in the world 

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