Top 5 Supplements for Goats

Top 5 Supplements for Goats


You must have heard many times that animals also need nutrition. There are many animal nutrition products. Which are given to animals for their dietary needs. And animal nutrition is very important for animals. Like humans, animals also need the proper balance of proteins, vitamins and minerals important for all nutrients in the diet to stay healthy. They require a balanced diet to function well. Adding nutritional supplements can enhance their well-being. These are some of the best supplements. Which we can give as animal nutrition.


1. (5XG Grow Mass Weight Gainer)


It is very beneficial for animals. Which is made up of many good minerals or vitamins. It has all the minerals and vitamins. Which are necessary to make our animals fat. This is a very useful supplement. By feeding it our goats are ready quickly.


How To Use It


Sprinkle 30 grams of powder with a little water (about 1 tsp) and knead the dough. And then make small balls. Feed the animal in a clean container at a clean location.


How To Dose


About 1.2 grams per kilogram body weight is recommended. A maximum of 2 grams per kg body weight can be given for rapid growth. 5XG- Grow Mass is not regular feed. The leaves are given proper fodder to the animal. (About 6% by weight means 60 grams per kilogram of animal's body weight should be given to the animal). Grass, grain or whatever you feed your animal regularly. And only use 5XG-Ultra Mass as a supplement. 


Special Formula For Weight Gain 


  • High Calorie for Fast Growth.
  • Balances calories.
  • Contains high calcium, phosphorus and other essential minerals.
  • Rich in essential vitamins.
  • Helps in improving animal health and rapid weight gain.

5XG Before



5xG After 







2. Remavit Plus (Chelated Mineral Blend and Vitamins)


Remavit Plus is a chelated mineral and vitamin powder. Feeding this powder to animals also increases milk production capacity and fertility in them. It is very beneficial for the animals. Remavit Plus Powder is very beneficial in milk fever and also in digestion power.




High fertility rate conception, overcomes anoestrus infertility. Milk production Decreased milk fever Improves digestion, absorption, assimilation of nutrients. Increase libido.


Contains In Every 1 kg



विटामिन A 75,0000 आई. यू.
विटामिन D3 100000 आई. यू.
विटामिन E 1000 मि.ग्रा.
विटामिन B12 3000 mcg
निकोटिनामाइड 1000 मि.ग्रा.
कोलाइन क्लोराइड प्रोटेक्टेड 30 मि.ग्रा.
डी - बायोटिन 550 मि.ग्रा.

मैक्रो मिनिरल्स

कैल्शियम 250 ग्रा.
फास्फोरस 125 ग्रा.
मैग्नीशियम 10000 मि.ग्रा.

ट्रेस मिनिरल्स 

कॉपर 4000 मि.ग्रा.
मैंगनीज 1500 मि.ग्रा.
जिंक 12000 मि.ग्रा.
आयरन 5000 मि.ग्रा.
कोबाल्ट 150 मि.ग्रा.
लोदाइन 250 मि.ग्रा.
सेलेनियम 10 मि.ग्रा.
बायोएक्टिव क्रोमियम 65 मि.ग्रा.
सचरोमायनस सपा 10 बिलियन सी. एफ. यू.




3. C - Calvate (Calcium Liquid)


It is a calcium liquid feed for animals. It contains amount of calcium phosphorus vitamins Ad3 and B12. It is a nutritional supplement to liquid feed. Mace, Jeevanti, Shatavari, Ashwagandha are used in this. There are many benefits of feeding it to animals. like -v


  • By giving 100 ml to a milch animal every day, the milk of the animal increases.
  • The udder of the animal remains safe.
  • Animal bones are strong.
  • Increases the ability of the animal to fight diseases.
  • Corrects calcium deficiency.


Nutritional Value Per 100 ml


सामग्री वजन
कैल्शियम 3600 मि.ग्रा.
फास्फोरस 1800 मि.ग्रा.
विटामिन A 160000 IU
विटामिन D3 16000 IU
विटामिन B12 200 mcg
कॉपर 50 मि.ग्रा.
जिंक  150 मि.ग्रा.
जीवन्ति 1000 मि.ग्रा.
शतावारी 1000 मि.ग्रा.
कार्बोहाइड्रेट 40000 मि.ग्रा.
विटामिन H 500 mcg
पीपर लोंगम 100 मि.ग्रा.




4. Centrum Advance (Multivitamin Liquid)


It is a Centrum Advance (Multivitamin Liquid) for animals. Which is very beneficial for animals. And it fulfills the deficiency of all vitamins in animals. Such as- Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3 etc. This is a very useful animal feed supplement.


Benefits of using Centrum Advance (Multivitamin Liquid)


  • It is very useful for gaining weight.
  • For the growth of abdominal cells.
  • Improving the fertility and milk production of animals.
  • Maintains overall health during pregnancy
  • Helps for fertility, fertility and egg production in poultry.
  • Poultry should be given to goat sheep and cattle to build immunity and fight disease.
  • It should be given at the time of any kind of stress in animals.


Shake it well and mix it before use. And after use, keep it in a cool place. And don't keep it in the sun.




5. AMS Liv (Liver Tonic Liquid)


Liver Tonic This is a medicine that strengthens the liver. It is very beneficial for animals. Giving it to animals keeps their digestive system right. And whatever they eat. can easily digest it. This leads to rapid growth in animals. And they also remain active.


When Should Liver Tonic Be Given?


  • When you eat less.
  • Can give even after illness.
  • You can give even if you have weakness.
  • Can also be given if there is swelling under the jaw.
  • It can be given even if there is constipation, diarrhea, gas.





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