How To Train A Dog

How To Train A Dog


Dog owners want their dog to be obedient and smart too. When they ask him to shake hands, he shakes hands, when he asks him to bow before the guests, he bows. The best idea is to train a pet dog to keep him mentally and physically active. The pet owner needs the most patience to train a dog. We are telling you about 5 such things, which you will not need any professional to teach, but you will be able to train your dog yourself. Dog owners want their dog to be obedient and smart too. When they ask him to shake hands, he shakes hands, when he asks him to bow before the guests, he bows. If you also want to give such training to your dog, then follow these tips. 


How To Teach A Dog To Sit ?


Take a treat and place it just above his nose, say "sit or sit" and gently raise the treat a little higher than his head. Your dog should follow the treat and get into a sitting position. So that he can take the treat more easily. If he sits down, give him a treat. If it doesn't sit, pull the treat back and let it settle before trying again. Keep doing this till. Until your puppy stops needing the treat to tell you to sit. After a week or two like this, completely separate the treats. So that from now on only the spoken command will be enough for him. 


"Sit or sit" is the best command to start with. Because it's the most natural for the dog and it's the foundation for many other commands. After that, you can actually go through any sequence to teach your dog these commands. Proceed in whichever order you feel is most appropriate.


How To Teach A Dog To Lie Down ?


Bring the dog to a lying position and place the treat in front of it. As he slowly moves towards the treat, gently bring him down towards the ground. Your dog should begin to follow the treat on the floor. When he does this, say "down" or "lay down" or lie down. If he doesn't. So lift the treat back up and try again. When it gets better Stop moving the treat. Then, stop using the treat. And just use the command to make him lie down. 





Bow Down In Honor


Namaskar is considered to give respect in Indian culture. You can also teach your dog to bow before others to greet him. Most dogs stretch themselves to rest. and bend naturally. In such a situation, next time whenever you find him in this situation, say any command, like bow down, do namaste. By doing so, you treat it as a reward. This practice takes some time. After a few days, your command will start to be considered a dog.


Shake Hands


You must have seen many dogs shaking hands. It takes some time to teach this trick to your dog. When he learns to shake hands, So you will feel very proud to shake hands with your dog in front of your friends and family. To teach handshake to your dog, you first get down on your knee. After this, extend your hand while saying handshake. Now lifting your dog's leg from the elbow, place it on your hand. When you do, then give your dog a treat. Practice this for at least a week and then your dog will learn to shake hands. 


To Jump :  


Many dogs jump at the behest of their owner. If you also want to teach your dog to jump. So first of all, close the treat in your fist and take it near the dog's nose. After this, slowly move your hand upwards and say the command. Your dog will try to jump to get to the treat. Whenever he jumps, give him a portion of the treat to eat as a reward. Practice this repeatedly for a few days. After this you will see that your cute doggy will try to jump when you say jump. Gradually your dog will get used to it.






What Is The Command To Calm The Dog ("Quiet") ?


The quiet or "quiet" command is useful for stopping excessive barking. If your dog doesn't bark a lot. So you probably won't need it. But if you have a noisy dog. Then this can be useful for you. To teach your dog to "shut up," put him on a leash and take him outside where he barks a lot. Wait for the barking to stop for at least 10 seconds and place a treat in front of his nose. Say "quiet" or calm down and give her a treat. Do this over and over again to let the dog know what this calm down command means. 

As you keep working at it, start putting the reward farther and farther away. Then start hiding it completely and use commands without rewarding it.


What Is Socialization Or Socialization And Why Is It Important ?


Socialization involves taking your dog into the outside world. So that he can adjust when it comes to future training. So this process is very important. Because when your dog grows up, due to lack of contact with other dogs and people, they may become afraid of them or develop a fear for them. When you take your puppy. Then take her to your friend's house. Spend time at the park with him. And introduce him to other dogs (provided they are friendly). The more contact he will come in contact with the world in his youth. The less likely you are to face his behavioral problems in the future.






How To Potty Train A Dog ?


  • Take the dog out on a routine and take treats with you Take the dog outside at regular intervals. A good rule of thumb is to go first thing in the morning, just before bed, an hour or two after eating or drinking something, and after vigorous exercise or a game. Try to stick to a schedule so that your dog gets used to going to the bathroom at the same place every time, and take treats with you when you go for a walk. When he goes out, praise him!
  • A dog can hold its bladder for 1 hour every month after birth. This way a 2 month old puppy can hold 2 hours, a 4 month old puppy can hold 4 hours, etc.
  • If you can't take her out during the day at office hours, consider hiring someone to do this or getting help from a neighbor so she can use the bathroom during the day.
  • If dog urinating in the middle of the night is a problem, try reducing your dog's water intake 2 hours before bedtime.
  • If your dog keeps going to the bathroom at the same place every day. So keep taking him there.
  • If you have a big dog. Who has never been trained at home before. Even then the process will remain the same for him as well.



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