Type of pigeons

Type of pigeons

1. Ice Pigeon

Flying range : Average

cost in India : 10000 to 11,000 

color : White and ice blue

ice pigeon

  • The oldest among German Pigeons, the ice pigeon are popular and known to be cross-bred by Charles Darwin to ascertain colors and patterns. 
  • The Ice pigeon is a very beautiful bird with calm and gentle nature
  • Due to their ornamental beauty and calm and gentle nature, they are popular for exhibiting.
  • The dark banned and checked adaptation has orange to yellow orange shaded eyes.
  • This pigeon is a fancy bird-known for its ice-blue coloration.

2. African Owl Pigeon

Flying range :  Good

cost in India : 10,000 to 11,000

color :  white African owl, brown, black and more

african owl pigeon

  • This domesticated pigeon, with its unique appearance and mannerism, is developed in years through selective breeding techniques.
  •  The beak of this breed is short and stout, and it is this beak which gives the Owl type their name, being turned down in shape.
  • The distinguishing feature of all owl pigeons is the crest of feathers that runs down the front of the breast.
  • Eyes are large and bold in a currant red colour and the bird has fine, white, neat cere.

3. Fantail Pigeon

Flying range :  Average

cost in India : 2000 to 2500

color : white, black, grey and silver

fantail pigeon

  • The Fantail pigeon is among the oldest breed of this bird. With the fan-shaped tail appearance and silky feather textures, they look lovely and charming.
  • Fantails are most common in China, India, Pakistan, and Spain.
  • The breed is thought to have originated in Pakistan, India, China, Japan or Spain.
  • The tail has 30 to 40 feathers compared to the standard 12 to 14 feathers seen on most other members of the pigeon family. 

4. Pouter Pigeon

Flying range :  Good

cost in India : 10000 to 11,000

color : White, black, grey commonly

Pouter Pigeon

  • Pouter regions are popular with several subspecies across the west.
  • There are many varieties of pouter with little in common except for the nature of the crop.
  • These birds are so attractive that a breed known as the Horseman Thief Pouter steals and retrieves wild pigeons and other fancier’s pigeons back to their loft with its good looks and wooing.
  • Throughout the centuries of selective breeding, this feature of wooing mates with an inflated globe lent itself to being a very tame pet bird. 

5. Frill Back Pigeon

Flying range :  Average

cost in India : 2,200 to 5,900

color : Grey, white and black, yellow, silver and more

frill back pigeon

  • If you ask as which is the top fancy and beauty breed in pigeon birds, the frill back type is among the famous ones.
  • Their longer wing and tail feathers also end in frills.
  • The breed is known for the frill or curls on the wing shield feathers. 
  • Their precise origin is unknown, but the most accepted theory is that they come from the ancient region of Asia Minor (also known as Anatolia, today this corresponds to an area covering Turkey, Greece, Kurdistan, Armenia and what is known as Assyria – parts of northern Iran, Iraq and Syria).


6. Lahore Pigeon

Flying range :  Average

cost in India : 4,000 to 5,000

color : White body color with different markings such as brown, black, blue and red

Lahore Pigeon

  • Lahore Pigeon is a breed of fancy pigeon known for its impressive size and gentle nature
  • Originated in city of Lahore in Pakistan, this bird was also bred in the present area Iran.
  • Lahore pigeon is a fancy breed that is raised mainly to be kept as a domestic pet.
  • Lahore pigeon  breed was imported into Germany around 1880 and became very popular among the pigeon enthusiasts at the beginning of the 1960s

7. Nicobar pigeon

Flying range :  Good

cost in India : 50,000 to 80,000

color : green and blue iridescent back

nicobar pigeon

  • The Nicobar Pigeon is one of the most beautiful of the many species of pigeons or doves and is the only living member of the genus Caloenus.
  • Females are slightly smaller than males; they have a smaller bill knob, shorter hackles and browner underparts.
  • The general coloration is dark green iridescent, with a short white tail.
  • . Once known to be found in abundance in its range, their numbers in the wild are declining as they are frequently captured for pet trade and hunted for food.

8. Jacobin Pigeon

Flying range :  Average

cost in India : 7,000

color : Blue, black, yellow, silver and white

jacobin pigeon

  • This Asiatic pigeon is under a fancy type of bird, which only has selective breeding.
  • The breed name comes from the feather arrangements on their heads (known as a muff or cowl) that look similar to the hoods that Jacobin monks wore.
  • The Jacobin pigeon is an Asiatic breed of domestic fancy pigeon.
  • It is a very old breed and it’s head is completely hidden behind it’s splendid hood of 5-6 long feathers.

9. Helmet Pigeon

Flying range :  Average

cost in India : 6,500 to 7500

color : White

helmet pigeon

  • Helmet pigeons are among oldest types of breeds that were in existence from 15th century onwards. 
  • The Helmet is a breed of fancy pigeon developed over many years of selective breeding.
  • The helmet pigeon goes by a couple of other names such as the helmet crested pigeon and the German helmet pigeon.
  • It’s fallen in and out of popularity among pigeon breeders, but the helmet pigeon is a unique breed that many people love. 

10. Saxon Shield Pigeon

Flying range :  Average

cost in India : 2000 tp 3000

color : White with black, red, brown and more colors

saxon shield pigeon

  • The Saxon Shield is a breed of fancy pigeon.
  • They have muff feathers which are long and curvy, making them distinct and unique compared to other breeds. 
  • Their chest is broad and well curved, and it appears to be projecting outwards.
  • The bird actually comes in many colors including blue, black, red and yellow with white bars or spangles, blue with black bars or barless, blue check or silver check.

List of pigeon

Number Name
1. Ice Pigeon
2 African Owl Pigeon
3. Fantail Pigeon
4. Pouter Pigeon
5. Frill Back Pigeon
6. Lahore Pigeon
7. Nicobar pigeon
8. Jacobin Pigeon
9. Helmet Pigeon
10. Saxon Shield Pigeon


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