Fish Farming Business

Fish Farming Business


Fish farming employment is developing as a better option. Young people are getting attracted in this field. Along with this, new technology is being invented in this area so that fish production can be increased. The central and state governments are also running various schemes to promote fish farming and to encourage fish farmers. The fish farmers are getting benefited from these schemes. Most important for fish farming. Information related to this. Fish farmers should have every information related to fish farming so that they can produce better. And they can get maximum profit. 


How To Start Fishing? 


It is very important for you to take training for fishing. Fish seeds should be bought from hatcheries or fisheries only. After putting fish seed in the pond, it becomes completely ready within a month. If you want to fish. Then you should make small ponds only.

However, establishing fish farming in India is not an easy task. But when fish farming has to be done commercially, then some problems have to be faced. And to set up this business commercially, the entrepreneur will have to go through different processes. Which are briefly described below.

However, establishing fish farming in India is not an easy task. But when fish farming has to be done commercially, then some problems have to be faced. And to set up this business commercially, the entrepreneur will have to go through different processes. Which are briefly described below. By the way, the fish demand of the people is met at the local level only through the local rivers available in that area. But in spite of all this, a majority part continues to try to meet the fish-related needs even by doing fisheries commercially. Since the fish ponds in India still strive to meet the fish related needs. Since there is still a severe shortage of fish ponds in India. Therefore, the fulfillment of the needs of fish is mostly dependent on rivers and seas. 





Although it has also been seen that many people do fish farming only for their hobby and protein requirements. But they produce only according to the fish requirements of themselves and their family, so they cannot be included in the commercial category. But despite all this, fisheries play an important role in the total gross product of India. And with fisheries accounting for about a quarter of the share of total agricultural products in GDP, it has become a very important economic activity for the Indian economy. Talking about a reliable figure, more than 60% of the people of India like fish very much. And 60% of a country with a population like India is about 78 crores. Which means that about 78 crore people in India like fish very much in their food. Therefore, it is difficult to meet the fish demand of such a large population only through rivers and seas. Therefore, any Indian can take advantage of this opportunity by starting a fish farming business. 


Advantages of Fish Farming


According to the recent survey, there is a steady increase in the fish farming business. In such a situation, you can earn a lot of money every year through this business. Not only this, you can also take this business to foreign countries. And you can export your fish to other countries also. 

Since the number of fish lovers in India is more than 60%, there is immense potential in fish farming to meet such a huge demand.

Protein is found in abundance in fish, so many people are asked to consume fish even by doctors.

It does not cost much to start this business. And you can start it at low cost i.e. less money. Not only this, fishes are found in abundance in the rivers of our country. In such a situation, there will never be any fall in this business.

The climate and environment of our country India is favorable for fish farming, so the risk in doing this type of business is greatly reduced.

Nature has made India better than many rivers, streams, lakes and other water sources, so entrepreneurs can start fish farming business near any water source.

Although the selection of fish species to make this type of business successful is a very complicated process. But many types of fish species and sub-species are found in India. Entrepreneurs can select any of these species which grow quickly for fish farming.

Such farmers who are already doing agricultural work and other farming like dairy, goat farming etc. They can also do this kind of business because agricultural laborers are available at very cheap rates in rural areas.

Such people who are doing some other work or any job, they can also take time out and start fish farming business. But for this, it is very necessary for them to have suitable land and laborers. 

This is a business related to agriculture, so the Government of India encourages such businesses under various schemes to promote employment and entrepreneurship in rural areas. Under many schemes, subsidy is also given on the loan taken for this type of business.


Fish Farming Process


For fish farming, first of all a pond or tank has to be constructed. You need land to make this. That is, the first step is to build a pond or a place to keep fish.


Choose An Environment Friendly Location


It is very important to select the proper place for fisheries or fish farming. Keep in mind that environment and place make a lot of difference in fish farming. For example, fish grow slowly in winter or in colder areas. If you live in India. So try to complete the construction of the pond in the winter season. So that you start raising fish a little before the summer comes.


Construction Of A Pond Or Place For Fish Farming


There are many ways you can build a pond or tank. For example if you want to save hard work and time. So you can buy big plastic tanks. Whereas if you want to build it on the land. So you can make that place in the shape of a pond with the help of machine. Whereas if your budget is less. So you can easily build a pond with the help of a shovel. After construction, sprinkle bleaching powder and lime in the soil. By doing this, insects and unnecessary creatures that harm the fish in the selected area die.


Motar Pump


In fish production, a motor pump is needed to fill and replace water. Because several thousand liters of water is filled in a tank. Which requires a large motor pump to fill it.


Fish Food And Survival Arrangements


Although the entrepreneur has to prepare the pond with such a technique that the fish continue to get food even inside the pond. But fishes need outer feed in addition to inner feed. Keep in mind that good quality fish food helps in rapid growth of fishes. And most of the farmers or entrepreneurs of India who are associated with fish farming consider the internal food produced in the pond as suitable for the fishes.

But if the entrepreneur wants to do commercial production of fishes then only indoor food is not enough for the fishes and the entrepreneur has to provide nutritious and high quality outer food also to the fishes.


1. Eating Out


The management of external food as we mentioned earlier can also be done through integrated farming. Apart from this, the food of the fish available in the market can be taken and put in the pond for the fish to eat. By the way, fish also eat flour, rice etc. So entrepreneurs can also use them for eating fish. But keep in mind that the eating behavior of the fish should be judged. Because unnecessarily the material put inside the fish pond can make the fish pond dirty.


2. Indoor Eating


Internal food refers to the food produced in the pond. In this, small insects, which fish eat, they come. But for all this to be produced, you have to do the process of fish pond fertilization twice a month. Organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers can be used to produce internal food. Cow dung can also be used in this.


Fish Keeping


The entrepreneur doing fish farming business has to keep the environment of the pond friendly to the fish. But at the same time nutritious and quality food also has to be fed to the fish. But apart from all this, proper management and care of fish also has to be done. Especially when the fish continues to grow. So they require special care. Therefore, the entrepreneur should test the pH level of the pond water regularly.

According to one figure, the ideal pH level for fish farming is 7-8. Apart from this, the entrepreneur will have to ensure the safety of the fish in the fish pond from various predators like herons and other birds that damage them. And also the entrepreneur will need to take necessary steps against fish diseases. As it is said about diseases. That preventing them is better than treating them. Therefore, the entrepreneur should manage and take care of the fishes like this. that there should be no adverse effect on their health.


Choosing A Fish Breed


It is very important for the entrepreneur to choose good breed fish for a profitable fish farming business. Because farming business whether goat rearing is dairy farming or poultry farming can be a profitable business only. When the fast growing breed has been selected by the entrepreneur. When choosing a fish breed for fish farming, keep in mind the demand for fish in your area, and the number of fish that can be grown quickly and efficiently.

If you want, you can produce different breeds together by not producing any one breed. For example, there are some fish that have a habit of living in the bootom. And there are some fish that have a habit of living in the middle of the water. Apart from this, there are some fish that have a habit of living on the surface of the water.

If the entrepreneur makes Rohu, Mrigal, Katla fishes part of his fish pond together. So no part of his fish pond will go to waste. Following are the main fish breeds according to the climate of India.


Catla Fish



Catla fish is one of the fastest growing fish species in India. Which is considered suitable for ponds. And it is widely distributed in Nepal, Pakistan, Burma and Bangladesh apart from India. The habit of this fish is to live on the surface of the water. Where these Catla fishes hunt micro-organisms floating in the water for their food.

The adult fishes of the Catla species mostly feed on the larvae. But sometimes macro vegetation, rotting in water, plants also bring small snails and small snails for their food use. These fish species mature in their second year of age. And this type of fish has the capacity to lay more than 70000 eggs per kg according to their body weight.

These types of fish breed naturally during the rainy season. Or they reproduce even after coming in contact with a male fish. Catla species do not breed in the fish pond. However, fish seed can be easily reared in ponds. In mixed fish farming, the weight of this type of fish is one kg in 1 year.




Rohu Fish


Rohu is a species of fish that occurs naturally in the rivers of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Burma. This fish species is also considered suitable for ponds. And at present this species of Rohu fish has spread to many countries of the world like Sri Lanka, Japan, Mauritius, Malaysia, Philippines Thailand etc. Generally Rohu fish live in the column area in the aquatic ecosystem. And fills her stomach with plant and vegetable clippings.

Like Catla fish, Rohu fish also breed in rivers. Or by establishing a relationship with the male fish, the ability of these fish species to reproduce comes in the second year of its age. And like the Catla fish, the Rohu fish also cannot breed in the fish pond. Rohu fish have the capacity to lay between 2 lakh to 3 lakh eggs during one breeding season.

But it depends. Rohu fish lay eggs between April to September depending on the size of the fish. By taking fish seed from rivers, Rohu fish can be reared comfortably in the fish pond. By rearing these Rohu fish in the fish pond, their weight is about 900 grams in a year.




Mrigal Fish

Mrigal fish species are also found in rivers of India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Verma etc. The main food of fish species is green algae, diatoms, rotten vegetables, mud etc. Because Mrigal fish consume bacteria found on the lower surface. Therefore, it is considered appropriate to keep the same fish in the same pond along with Rohu fish and Katla fish.

Mrigal fish mature in a year or two. It depends. Under the agro-climatic conditions of that place, Mrigal fish have the capacity to lay 12 lakh to 15 lakh eggs. Their egg-laying season is associated with the southwest monsoon period. It also cannot breed in the pond like Katla and Rohu. This fish species can breed twice in a season. By rearing Mrigal fish in fish pond, their weight becomes 1 kg in a year.



Silver Carp Fish


Silver carp fish are commonly found in southern central China and the Khabarovsk basin of the Soviet Union. From where they were transplanted in the Indo-Pacific region and also in India. Primarily, this species of fish is a surface dweller (i.e. in the upper side of the water) and animal species using the diminutive larvae as their food. But gradually these plants start eating the palak too. Silver carp fish can be given in the form of food cake, rice straw mixture, etc., when reared in fish pond.

This silver carp fish also does not lay eggs in the fish pond like other fish species. However, it can do so in the rainy season through the hypopission system. The ability to lay eggs in these depends on the size of the fish. But one fish of silver carp fish species has the capacity to lay 1.5 lakh to 3 lakh eggs.

It takes less time for these fish to become adults in India than in China. Where in China these fish become adults in 2 to 6 years. In India, they become adults only in 1.5 to 2 years. The male fish of this species matures sooner than the female fish. In mixed fish farming, the weight of silver carp fish is up to 1.5 kg in a year.



Grass Carp Fish


In the species of fish, a species called grass carp is also a species found in North-South China and the Khabarovsk Basin of the Soviet Union. Grass carp fish species, due to the suitability of aquatic weeds in biological control, this species has been widely transplanted all over the world.

In the early days, the grass carp fish also hunts the Palavag creatures for their food. And then slowly starts eating macrofits. The fish of this species are more food-consuming. Therefore, they can be given as vegetables or other food items like grass, leaves etc.

In India, it takes about 2 years for the fish of the grass carp species to become an adult. The fishes of this species between 4.5 kg to 7 kg lay about 4 lakh to 6 lakh eggs in a single breeding. However, what will be the weight of the fish of this species in a year. It all depends on the diet of the fish. But in an optimum environment, the weight of grass carp fish can be up to 5 kg in a year.



Common Carp Fish


Common carp is a species of fish found in a temperate zone of Asia, mainly in China. But now the common carp fish is also one of the most commonly found fish species around the world. This fish is an omnivorous fish found on the lower surfaces. But mainly the common carp fish feeds its stomach by eating rotten alley vegetation etc. It constantly moves to the lower level for its food. Due to this habit of this fish, there is no problem in raising it with other fish.

By the way, common carp fish also eat feces produced by grass carp. How much it will weigh, it all depends on the density of storage and supplementary food. In tropical environment, this species of fish i.e. common carp fish lays eggs twice in two years. Whose time period is from January to March and July to August. In tropical regions, this fish becomes an adult in a year. And in mixed fish farming, the weight of common carp fish is 1 kg in a year.





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