poultry farming

What is poultry farming

The poultry farm inside India was systematically started by the Krishnapan missionary in the 20th century. Poultry farming is the form of animal husbandry which raises domesticated birds such as chickens,ducks, turkeys and geese to produce meat or eggs for food. There are three types of farms in poultry farms. Layer Farm, Broiler Farm, Hatchery Farm. The farm in which the eggs are produced is called layer farm. The farm in which the mass is produced is called broiler farm. 


How to start poultry farming

Before starting poultry farming, we have to take a lot of information,

 which is - 

  1. Formula of business plan
  2. Capital arrangement of  business for the poultry farming
  3. Proper selection of land
  4. Choosing how to raise chickens
  5. Arrangement for thatch and other equipments attached thereto
  6. Before raising poultry, you can also get training from the Central Poultry Development Organization, which has been provided by the government

Formula of business plan- 

When we do any business, we prepare an outline for it and From this we get to know.  We get a complete idea of ​​how to do our business, what to do That due to which this point is very important, for business

Capital arrangement of  business for the poultry farming

Whenever we do any business, then it is very important to make proper arrangements for the money spent in it and other related items from it, so that we get to know about it.  How much is going to cost, how much is to be arranged.  This point is very important.

Proper selection of land

When we follow the chicken, what kind of work we have to do is select that type of place should be good. There should be no more sunlight. It means to see a lot. Her propper has to be selected.

Choosing how to raise chickens

Poultry farming is also done in many ways.  You also have to choose how we have to raise the poultry.  In what ways we will do which will be better in our area, more profit will come like. 

For example- Layer Farm, Broiler Farm, Hatchery Farm etc. 

Arrangement for thatch and other equipments attached thereto

Before raising poultry, we also have to see whether we have to arrange thatch or arrangement of two sails and what kind of equipment we will put on it from here and there so that our chicken farm will cost less.  The profit is also high, this point is also very important.

Before raising poultry, you can also get training from the Central Poultry Development Organization, which has been provided by the government

The government gives us many facilities for raising poultry.  Provides training. Like the Central Poultry Development Organization provided by the government. If you take the training given by the government also, then you will get four moons and a lot of profits will come. 


Advantage of poultry farming

  • Almost all bank loans are approved for starting a poultry farm and To start a poultry farm, almost all bank loans are approved that too easily, If you want to start a pottery farm, you can get the loan approved at the your local bank.
  • It doesn’t require much capital to become a poultry farm. 
  • Lots of spaces are not required to begin poultry farming. You can start with your available area.
  • Everything on the chicken can be used for income. In a chicken farm, Everything is beneficial.
  • Broilers intake of feed is comparatively very low while it produces maximum possible amount of food for us.
  • The biggest advantage of a chicken farm is that we can earn good money by rearing it in the village at home.  It is not necessary for this to have a place in this city.
  • Poultry farming is such a business that even people with less capital can earn good profits by investing their money, biggest advantage of poultry farming
  • Poultry farming is such a farming in which money can be earned in very few days because it does not take much time to prepare it.  It only takes a few months.

poultry farm

Disadvantage of poultry farming

  • The disadvantage in poultry farming is that it is very important to take care of them. Because the chicks they have are very delicate.  That's why it is very important to take care and take care.
  • You always havbiggest e to keep the temperature machine in the chicken farm.  If the temperature is not according to them, then a lot of damage can be done. 
  • A halogen bulb or furnace has to be installed in the poultry farm, so that the temperature is maintained, if you do not apply it in the cold season, then it can cause a lot of damage.
  • Not having the right information about the market means selling your goods for less money, due to which you can incur a lot of loss.
  • The biggest disadvantage in poultry farming is that there is no good feed available in the market.
  • The biggest disadvantage in poultry farming is that the disease in chickens is very quick and there is no information about the medicine.
  • Although the diseases that spread through poultry are typically easy to manage, you are doing not have any control over this process until the chicks or birds are in your possession.
  • H5N1 is very dangerous, it is very important to save the birds

5 breeds of India for poultry farming:


Asil is noted because of its difficulties, high stamina, magnificent walking styles and quality of steady battles. The best specimen of this type, although it is rare, and is found in the Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rsjasthan. The most popular varieties are PEEA (Golden Red), Yarkin (black and red), Nurie 89 (White), Kagar (Black), Chitta (black and white silver), TEEKAR (Reza). Although poor in productivity, birds of this type are famous for their meat quality. Contemplation in the most common and chicken is a good caregiver and efficient mother. They have a small bean comb but are firmly installed. Wattles and bright red ear lobes, and the beak is Hart. His face was long and slim, and was not covered with fur. His eyes are compact, set well and thick thick. The neck is long, thick uniform but not fleshy. His body is round and short with a wide breast back and closes a strong tail root. General feathers close, a little and almost absent in Brest. The fur hardly has feathers and feathers is difficult. The tail is small and drooping.



The real name of this trah seems to be kalamasi, which means poultry with black meat. However, it is known as Karaknath. The egg is light brown. The chicks are bluky to black with irregular dark lines on the back. Adult fur varies from silver and gold-spangled to Bluish-black without spangling. Leather, beak, calf, toes and feet are lightning in Color. Comb, opponent, and purple tongue. Most internal organs show intense black coloring spoken in trachea, thoracch and air-bags, gonads and at the base of the heart and mesentery. Various levels of block dyes are also seen in skeletal muscles, tendons, nerves, meninges, brain etc. Blood is darker than normal blood. Black pigments are caused by melanin deposition, meat although disgusting to see, very tasty. Medium layer, lay eggs around 80 eggs per year. The bird is resistant to the disease in its original habitat in a free range but is more susceptible to mareks in intensive maintenance conditions.



A broiler is a broken chicken and raised specifically for meat production. Most commercial broilers achieve the weight of the slaughter between the ages of four and seven weeks, even though it is a slower to achieve cutting weight at the age of around 14 weeks. Typical broilers have white feathers and yellowish skin. Lift the feed level when the bird grows. Don't fill the feeder more than half. If the tube feeder is used, provide 3 no. 12 kg feeder capacity per 100 chicks.

Broiler is the most preferred under the category of poultry meat. Many private companies are involved with farmers in contract agriculture for boiler production. So marketing is no longer a problem. A broiler is a young chicken under eight weeks, weighing 1.5 to 2 kg with weight, with soft and soft meat.



Vanaraja is a multi-purpose chicken variety developed by ICAR-Directorate of Poultry Research in Hyderabad, India. Vanaraja is aimed at the rural community where it can be maintained in the backyard on natural food and scaves with minimal supplementation. It produces eggs and meat based on maintenance and practice of feeding.

Birds that grow under nursery management must be provided with balanced feed containing nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It is important to ensure that every bird gets feed and drinking water is clean. Diets can be formulated using locally available feeds to meet the nutrients needed for birds. Commercially available Grower Grower Layer can also be used for the first 6 weeks of the age of the bird.


Indian Game

The Indian Game is a British breed of game chicken, now reared either for meat or show. It originated in the early nineteenth century in the counties of Cornwall and Devon in south-west England. It is a heavy, muscular bird with an unusually broad breast; the eggs are brown.

Indian game


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