Buffalo in short.

Scientific name: Bubalus bubalis

Order: Artiodactyla

Mass: 300 – 550 kg (Adult)

Gestation period: 281 – 334 days

Speed: 30mph

Population:  130 million


What is buffalo?

Buffalo are large members of the Bovidae family. There are two types of buffalo: the African or Cape buffalo and the Asian water buffalo. They are dark gray or black animals that look a lot like bulls. ... However, while bison are also bovines (a subfamily of bovids), they are in a different genus from true buffalo.


How to Select heavy milker Buffalo?

Identify the milch buffalo by its body and skin like this.The skin of a milch buffalo is very thin and its thighs are also thin.If the buffalo's tail has long bones or is hard.So that means it is not a buffalo giving much milk.Whose udders are far apart and its next udders should be small and the last ones big(Be about 18 to 21 centimeters).In buffalo, the thicker it looks like a pipe-like vein under the back abdomen, the more milk it will be.As the buffalo will continue to grow old.  This thick vein-like pipe will keep getting thicker.

heavy milky buffalo


What are the mistakes you should not do before buying a buffalo?

The best season to buy buffalo is in July and February.Because at this time good fodder is available.Due to which their growth is good.Buy the buffalo only after it has been about 15 days since its birth.Because by then all their filth has been cleaned up.And if there is any infection in their udders etc., then it is known by then.After delivering the baby, do not travel long distances for about 15 days.Because traveling for a long distance causes problems to the buffalo and can also increase any disease.Never buy an animal in a hurry.Most of the buffaloes are bought according to age and not on lactation basis.Because buffalo gives more milk and higher performance between 8 and 12 years.


Types of buffalo

1. Murrah

Daily milk average:  15 to 19 litre

Cost: 55,000 to 135,000 INR

Other names: Delhi, Kundi, and Kali

The breeding tract of “Murrah” includes Hisar, Rohtak, Gurgaon and Jind district of Haryana and Delhi.Their eyes are black, active, and prominent in females, but slightly shrunken in males and should not be walled,  the cornea should not have whiteness. Primarily demanded for increased milk production, these Murrah Buffaloes yield milk that is high on butterfat content.


2. Bhadawari

Daily milk average:  2 to 3.95 litre

Cost: 40,000 to 105,000 INR

Other names: Bhadwari Etawah

  • They are blackish copper to light copper-colored with wheat straw-like color over the legs.
  • India has a population of 105 million buffalos, and 26.1% of the population lives in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Bhadawari is an advanced indigenous buffalo breed.


3. Jaffrabadi

Daily milk average:  20 to 24 litre

Cost: 50,000 to 70,000 INR

Other names: nothing

Jafarabadi buffalo is a riverine buffalo that originated in Gujarat, India .This breed is known for its ability to fight lions in Gir forest. The animals weigh up to 700 Kgs (average) and female animals may weigh 620 kgs (average). The animal have a big dome shaped forehead with flat, thick, downwardly curved horns. The bulge of forehead sometimes covers eyelids also. Horns exhibit wide variation, but usually emerge out by compressing the head, go downward sideways, then upward and inward finally forming a ring like structure.



4. Surti

Daily milk average:  5 to 7 litre

Cost: 60,000 to 100,000 INR

Other names:  Surati, Gujarati, Nadiadi, Talabda, Charotar and Deccani

The breed is named after its place of origin. Coat colour varies from rusty brown through silver- grey to black.The Surti is a breed of water buffalo found in the Kaira and Vadodara districts of Gujarat between the Mahi and Sabarmati rivers.Shelter is necessary for animals to protect them from heavy rainfall, strong sunlight, snowfall, frost and parasites.



5. Nili Ravi

Height:  Male: 135 cm: 69 ; Female: 125 cm: 69 ;

Use: dairy

Daily milk average:  5 to 6.5 litre

Cost: 60,000 to 85,000 INR

colour: black or brown

Location : Bangladesh; China; India; Pakistan; Philippines; Sri Lanka; Brazil; Venezuela;

The Nili-Ravi is a breed of domestic water buffalo. It is distributed principally in Pakistan and India, and is concentrated in the Punjab region.​​ It is similar to the Murrah breed of buffalo, and is reared mainly for dairy use.Nili ravi


6. Nagpuri


Daily milk average:  3.5 to 4..2 litre

Cost: 85,000 to 150,000 INR

Other names: Berari, Gaorani, Puranthadi, Varhadi, Gaolavi, Arvi, Gaolaogan, Gangauri, Shahi and Chanda

The Nagpuri is a breed of water buffalo originating in Maharashtra, India. It stands better amongst the breeds of buffaloes which combine the milk and drought qualities in a better proportion in adverse climatic conditions. It is a River type buffalo. It is a central Indian breed.The Nagpuri buffalo has smaller and lighter body compared to other buffalo breeds found in north India. Their body color is generally black, but they have white patches on their face, legs and tail tips.
They have long horns which are flat and curved and bending backward on each side of the neck nearly up to the shoulders with tips pointed mostly in upward direction.
Their face is long and thin with a straight and thin profile. Their neck is longer with heavy brisket. The naval flap is short or almost absent. Their limbs are light and the tail is squat and short (tail slight reaching below hocks).



7. Banni

Daily milk average:  10 to 18 litre

Cost: 75,000 to 100,000 INR

Other names: Kutchi or Kundi

Banni buffalo, which are also known as "Kutchi" or "Kundi", is a breed of buffalo found primarily in the Kutch district of Gujarat, India.



8. Toda

Daily milk average:  13 to 16 litre

Cost: 40,000 to 50,000 INR

Other names: none

  • Toda buffalo is a semi-wild breed of buffalo found in the Nilgiri Hills of the state of Tamil Nadu, India. 
  •  The average lactation milk yield is around 500 Kg with an average fat of 8.22%.
  • The colour is predominantly black with a sparse coat of coarse brown hair.


9. Mehsana

Daily milk average:  6.5 to 9 litre

Cost: 60,000 to 130,000 INR

Other names: none

  • Mehsana is a dairy breed of buffalo found in Mehsana town in Gujarat and adjoining Maharastra state. 
  • Mehsana are a breed of water buffalo from the state of Gujarat, India. Mixture of murrah and surti blood. 
  • The milk yield is 1,200-1,500 kg per lactation.


10. Bargur

Daily milk average:  1 to 2 litre

Cost: 14.000 to 22,000 INR

Other names: Malai Erumai or Malai Emmai

Bargur breed of buffalo is also known as “Malai Erumai or Malai Emmai”. Malai means hills; Erumai/Emmai means buffalo. Breeding tract is Erode district of Tamilnadu. This breed is mainly used for manure and milk.This breed of buffalo is maintained only on grazing in the forest area.



Kalahandi buffalo breed of orissa.Kalahandi buffalo breed, a distinct breed found in South Orissa State in India, has been studied. This paper describes the habitat, husbandry practices, physical conformation and performance of the breed.It is also known as “Deshi”. The breeding tract includes Kalahandi and Rayagada districts of Odisha. Coat colour ranges from blackish grey to grey.Kalahandi



Egyptian buffalo were originally from surrounding countries such as India, Iran, and Iraq. According to some, this happened around the 7th century. From then, buffaloes have become a vital part of the economy and household life. They have provided meat, milk, and leather for hundreds of years. Egyptian buffalo were originally from surrounding countries such as India, Iran, and Iraq. According to some, this happened around the 7th century. From then, buffaloes have become a vital part of the economy and household life. They have provided meat, milk, and leather for hundreds of years.



The Romanian Buffalo is a breed of water buffalo that evolved in Romania. They are known for their tasty milk used to make dairy products, as well as their sweet-tasting meat. Their population at present is decreasing. In 1996, the total number of buffalo counted to 209,432, which were raised in 86,480 herds. The total number of adult females was 97,320 while the number of adult males was 2510. With rapid decline, the number of female recorded in the herd book in 2003 was 275.Day by day, these buffalo are catching attention of the local families that are interested in manufacturing dairy products, especially feta and mozzarella cheese. The rich milk of the Romanian Buffalo contains a big quantity of protein and butterfat, apt for the production of cheese. 



Higher classification: Domestic water buffalo

Use: Dairy, meat; formerly draught

Weight: Male: average 500–600 kg; up to 800 kg; Female: average 300–450 kg; up to 650 kg

Distribution: throughout Italy, principally Campania

Other names: Bufala Mediterranea Italiana

The Italian Mediterranean Buffalo (Italian: Bufala Mediterranea Italiana) is an Italian breed of water buffalo. It is of the River sub-type of water buffalo and is similar to the buffalo breeds of Hungary, Romania and the Balkan countries. It is the only indigenous water buffalo breed in Italy. A herd-book was opened in 1980, and the breed was officially recognised in 2000.




Use: Agriculture; draught; riding; hide; meat

Weight: Male: 420–500 kg; Female: 400–425 kg

Scientific name: Bubalus bubalis carabanesis

Higher classification: Domestic water buffalo

Height: Male: 127–137 cm; Female: 124–129 cm

Coat: light grey to slate-grey, albin

The carabao (Spanish: Carabao; Tagalog: Kalabaw; Cebuano: Kabaw) is a domestic swamp-type water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) native to the Philippines.Carabaos were introduced to Guam from the Spanish Philippines in the 17th century. They have acquired great cultural significance to the Chamorro people and are considered the unofficial national animal of Guam. In Malaysia, carabaos (known as kerbau in Malay) are the official animal of the state of Negeri Sembilan.


Other Buffalo

Name Country
Anatolian buffalo Turkey: the Marmara and Black Sea regions, and South Turkey
Assam NE India
Australian buffalo Australia's Northern Territory
Azari Azerbaijan, NW Iran
Azi Kheli NW Pakistan: the Swat valley
Badavan Bhadawari
Baio N Brazil: Marajó
(= local or native)
Balkan European
Bama kwye  Burmese
Bangladeshi Bangladesh
Bangladeshi, albinoid of the central part of the country Bangladesh
Bangladeshi, albinoid of the western part of the country Bangladesh
Bangladeshi, native buffaloes in the central part Bangladesh
Bangladeshi, native buffaloes in the eastern part Bangladesh
Bangladeshi, native buffaloes in the southern part Bangladesh
Bangladeshi, native buffaloes in the western part Bangladesh
Banni W India: the Kachchh (Kutch) region of Gujarat
Beheri Egypt: Beheira Province
Belang Tadong
Bhadawari India: Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh
Bhainsi Nepalese
Bhavanegri Jafarabadi
Binhu China
Borneo buffalo Kalang
Brazilian Brazil
Brazilian Carabao Brazil
Búfalo de Pantano Cuba
Búfalo de Rio Cuba
Buffalypso Trinidad and Tobago
Bulgarian buffalo Bulgaria
Bulgarian Murrah Bulgaria
Burmese Myanmar
Burmese wild buffalo Myanmar
Cambodian buffalo Cambodia
Carabao the Philippines
Caucasian Georgia, the Russian Federation
Chilika India
Chinese buffalo China
De Vietnam
Dechang China
Dehong China
Domaci bivo Serbia
Dongliu China
Egyptian Egypt
Enshi Mountainous China
Fu'an China
Fuling China
Fuzhong China
Gaddi Nepal
Georgian buffalo Georgia, the Russian Federation
Ghab Syria
Gilani Iran
Godavari India
Greek buffalo Greece
Guizhou China
Guizhou White China
Haizi China
Iranian and Iraqi Iran and Iraq
Iranian Iranian and Iraqi
Indonesian wild buffalo Indonesia
Iranian Azari ecotype Azari
Iraqi Iraq
Italian Italy
Jafarabadi India
Jaffrabadi Gujarat
Jerangi India
Jianghan China
Kalaban Brazil
Kalahandi India
Kalang Indonesia: (Kalimantan)
Kebo Indonesia
Kerbau-Gunung Indonesia
Kerbau-Indonesia Indonesia
Kerbau Moa Indonesia
Kerbau-Murrah Indonesia
Kerbau-Sumatra-Barat Indonesia
Kerbau-Sumatra-Utara Indonesia
Kerbau-Sumbawa Indonesia
Khoozestani Iran
Kundi E Pakistan: N Sindh
Lanka Sri Lanka
Lime Nepal
Mahish Bangladesh
Malaysian Malaysia
Manda India
Mannar Sri Lanka
Marathwada India
Masri Egyptian
Mediterranean the Mediterranean region
Mehsana India
Mestizo the Philippines
Minufi Egypt: the southern and central parts of the Nile Delta
Monouli Egypt
Mountain buffalo Cambodia
Mountainous China
Munding Indonesia
Murrah India, Pakistan
Myanmar swamp buffalo Burmese
Nagpuri India: Maharashtra
Nelore Argentina
Nepalese hill buffalo Nepal
Nepalese mountain buffalo Nepal
Ngo Vietnam
Nili E Pakistan, N India
NiliRavi E Pakistan, N India
Pa Sauk  Burmese
Pahadi Nepalese
Palitana Jafarabadi
Pampangan Indonesian
Panch Kalyani Nili-Ravi
Pandharpuri India
Papua New Guinea buffalo Papua New Guinea
Parkote Nepalese
Parlakimedi Manda
Peddakimedi Kalahandi
Philippine Carabao
Plain buffalo Cambodia
Purnathadi Nagpuri
Purvi Nepalese
Ravi E Pakistan, N India
Rawa Kalang
Romanian buffalo Romania
Rosilho Brazil
Siamese buffalo Thailand
Saidi Egypt
Sambalpur India
Sapi Tenusu Malaysia
Sawah Malaysia
Shanghai China
Shan Kywe Myanmar
Shannan China
Southeast Yunnan China
South Kanara India
Surti India, Sri Lanka
Taiwan buffalo Taiwan
Tamankaduwa Sri Lanka
Tamarao the Philippines
Tarai buffalo India, Nepal
Tedong Indonesia
Tipo Baio Brazil
Toda India
Toraya Indonesia
Trau Noi Vietnam
Trinitario Venezuela
Wenzhou China
Xiajiang China
Xilin China
Xinfeng Mountainous China
Xinglong China
Xingyang China
Yanjin China
Yibin China



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