Lumpy Skin Disease

Lumpy Skin Disease


A large population in the country is associated with animal husbandry. In such a situation, a new disease, lumpy skin disease, has troubled the livestock farmers. There are many types of questions in the minds of people regarding this disease. The havoc of the lumpy virus is increasing in the country. Lumpy virus havoc is being seen in many states. This virus is spreading rapidly from Uttar Pradesh-Rajasthan to Madhya Pradesh. 


These days a disease called lumpi virus is swallowing animals in 12 states of the country. Especially, it is wreaking havoc in Rajasthan. The worst condition is in Rajasthan. So far more than 45 thousand cows have died due to lumpi virus in Rajasthan. Whereas, more than 10 lakh have been hit by this virus. The deserts of Rajasthan are becoming graveyards. Thousands of cows are being buried. 


Apart from this, massive steps are being taken to save cattle in other states of the country including Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab. The governments of the states from the center are making efforts to prevent the virus. The Delhi government has also come on alert mode regarding this. The central government has said that coordination is being established with all the 12 states to deal with the lumpi virus. After all, what is the lumpy virus, which has caused havoc from Rajasthan to other states. When infected with the lumpi virus, a rash comes out on the body. Fever comes. There is a cure for this virus. But in many cases, the situation gets so bad that it leads to death.


How Does The Lumpy Virus Spread?


Lumpy virus is spreading rapidly in animals. Out of which the number of milch animals is more. This disease is called 'Lumpy Skin Disease Virus' LSDV. Its three species are first capripox, second goatpox and third sheeppox.



Lampy Virus


Symptoms Of Lumpy Virus


  • Persistent Fever

  • Drooling

  • Weight Loss

  • Eye And Nose Oozing

  • Lack Of Milk

  • Different Types Of Nodules Appearing On The Body

  • Rash-Like Lumps On The Body


What To Do If Cows Are Infected With Lumpy Virus


  • Immediately inform the nearest Veterinary Officer
  • Separate infected cows from healthy cows
  • Restrict movement of infected cows
  • Always give clean water to cows
  • drink boiled milk from infected cows
  • Use insecticide to protect against mosquitoes, flies, mites etc.
  • Spray phenyl/sodium hypochlorite in cattle shelter, cowshed, animal barn.
  • Keep animal caregivers away from healthy people who take care of sick animals.


What Not To Do If Cows Are Infected With Lumpy Virus


  • Do not send cows to public pastures, fields.
  • Do not send cattle to cow fairs and exhibitions.
  • Do not throw the carcasses of cows in the open, but bury them in a deep pit by scientific method.
  • Do not give feed and water to sick and healthy cows together.
  • Do not buy cattle in the affected areas.
  • Do not feed the milk of sick animal to the calf.


lampy virus


Medical Experts


Medical experts say that the lumpy virus is a very fast spreading virus. It can be spread by sucking blood by mosquito, fly, louse. So far it is spreading through contact of a contaminated cow with another cow. Apart from this, it can also spread through contaminated water and contaminated food. This virus spreads very fast. Since this is being confirmed in a large number of milch animals, then humans also have this fear. So that this virus does not spread to them too. However, experts say that there is no danger to humans from this.


When Did This Disease First Come?


This disease was first found in Africa in 1929. In the last few years, this disease spread to animals of many countries. It spread to Turkey and Greece in 2015 and to Russia in 2016. In July 2019, the havoc of this virus was seen in Bangladesh. Now it is spreading in many Asian countries. In India, this disease was seen in West Bengal in 2019.


According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the lumpi virus has spread to seven Asian countries since the year 2019. Apart from India in the year 2019, this disease was first reported in China, Nepal in June 2020, Taiwan and Bhutan in July 2020, Vietnam in October 2020 and Hong Kong in November 2020.



lampy Virus



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