Goat Farming

What is goat farming?

The animal husbandry business in India has grown and flourished very fast in the last few years. There has been considerable development in the goat rearing sector. Experts say that the cost of goat rearing is less in comparison to cow and buffalo rearing. But the profit doubles. Goat farming is an agri-business which can be done with less capital and less space. Raising goats can be a fascinating and enjoyable farming experience. When you are well prepared. However, starting a goat farming farm is the most important factor to ensure good profits in a short span of time. Goat farming is becoming increasingly popular in the world. Animal husbandry as a branch of goat rearing also includes rearing and breeding domestic goats.


What Is Modern Goat Farming?

Earlier, farmers used to keep only 5-10 goats along with farming, which did not make much profit. But now farmers are gradually adopting it as a business. For this, more goats can be kept together by building a shed separately like poultry. Now the method of goat rearing has also become modern. This is called commercial goat rearing.

In simple language, goat rearing in an advanced way by applying a little training and some more capital is called 'modern goat farming'.

The government is also helping the farmers for commercial goat rearing. For this you can apply for Goat Farming Scheme. The government also gives training and subsidy to the cattle rearers for commercial goat rearing.


Goat Farming Income


Goat rearing is becoming the favorite occupation of the farmers. Because of this low cost and high profit, goat farming can see a lot of growth in the last few years. Since poultry farming requires more care and medicines. Poultry farming is also more prone to many diseases like bird flu. If goat rearing is done properly, then the chances of getting diseases in goats are less. And at the same time, for this it is also necessary that you get complete information about goat rearing.

You can also make good profits by selling goat meat and milk. If you start it with 15-20 goats, then within 2 years you can have more than 200 goats. With which you can earn millions.

If you are a beginner and interested in starting a goat farming business, you must be aware of the following advantages and disadvantages.



boer goats

Advantages of Goat Farming


  • Goats are truly amazing creatures.
  • Goats are suitable for both small scale and commercial operations.
  • Goat rearing requires less space as compared to buffalo-cow or other animal husbandry.
  • You will be surprised to know that they reach sexual maturity at the age of 7-12 months. And give birth to children in less time. In addition, some goat breeds produce many children per child.
  • Nowadays, goat meat is in high demand due to diseases in chickens.
  • Goat meat, milk and other products provide important nutrients to the human diet.
  • Goat meat is high in protein, as well as high in iron.
  • Goat's milk proves to be very effective in removing dangerous diseases like dengue.
  • That's why goats are called "poor man's cow". Because it has promises of good returns. Which can serve as an investment source.
  • Since goat farming business is very profitable, many government and non-government banks are giving loans to start this business.
  • Goats can tolerate warmer climatic conditions or higher temperatures than other animals.
  • Unlike larger animals in commercial farming conditions, both male and female goats are of equal value.
  • Goat is said to have a walk-in refrigerator for storing milk and can be fed several times a day.
  • Exotic sheep breeds include the Dorset, Suffolk, Merino, Rambouillet, Cheviot and Southdown. Indian goat breeds include Jamunapari, Beetle, Barbari, Tellicherry, Sirohi, Osmanabadi, Kanni Peach, Kodi Peach, Black Bengal, Chegu and Changthangi. Saanen, Alpine, Anglo-Nubian, Toggenburg, Angora and Boer are some of the exotic goat breeds.
  • There are 9 best breed of goat in India which gives highest profit margin to goat farmers.
  • They also produce high quality manure which helps in increasing the crop production.




Disadvantages of Goat Farming 


  • So, if you are an existing goat farmer or want to start a new business, you must learn about the disadvantages of goat farming business.
  • There is also lack of expertise on how to run goat farming business efficiently.
  • Goats should be kept away from gardens and fields otherwise they will eat everything and destroy agriculture.
  • Goats get sick very quickly.
  • Goats get cold very quickly.
  • The disease of goats spreads very fast among themselves.
  • Goats get sick very quickly due to getting wet in the rain.
  • Goats get cold very quickly in winter which makes it very difficult to care for them.
  • The breeder smells bad.


How To Breed Goat


To start goat farming, you can make the right plan for goat farming by considering the following points.

First of all, know the basics of goat farming, so that more profit can be made in goat farming. And it will help you in starting the scheme of goat farming on a large scale. Work with a strategy from the beginning in goat farming. This will reduce your loss in this business.


Selecting The Right Location:


To start goat farming, choose a place where there is no moisture and there is open ground around so that you can feed green fodder to the goats daily. Pure air and drinking water is the cost of eating and drinking of goat rearing. It should be the least and you can get maximum benefit.


Selecting The Right Breed Of Goats:


In any commercial goat farming operation, the choice of breed of goat is a major source of profit and loss. Select goats that are capable of producing multiple babies and have a short gestation period. In the selection of the breed, the cattle breeder should first select the indigenous goats. And after training, you can choose a good breed according to your budget, and climate.

Different breeds of goats are found in our country like Jamunapari, Beetle, Barbari, Sirohi, etc.


Number Of Goats:


Keep the number of goats in the shed as much as you can easily take care of


Cleanliness :


Take special care of the cleanliness of the places around the goats.



goat farm


To Insure :


We can also insure our animals so that we are protected from harm. There are many companies that run animal insurance policies.


Goat feed :


Must use green leaves in the fodder of goats, it is very beneficial for them and also we can give them guar straw, groundnut straw etc.


Disease Prevention and Vaccine Causes :


Various types of diseases can also occur in the reared goats, such as diarrhoea, diarrhoea, etc. Diseases are found for which vaccination is used for its prevention.


Some important vaccines :


PPR, Anthrax, H.S. ,BQ, FMD, GOAT POX, CC, PP  etc.


What Breeds Of Goats Are There


Breeds like Beetle, Barbari, Sirohi, Jamunapari, Sojat, Black Bengal, Bor goat, Gujri, Punjabi, Hyderabadi, Osmanabadi, Kota, Karoli, Totapari etc. are found.


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