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Peanut Straw For Animals

What is the peanut straw ?

  • Groundnut is a dry food.
  • The fruit comes in the lower part and the remaining part of the plant is prepared from it.

  • And by uprooting its plant, strong peanuts are taken out from it and straw is prepared from its remaining part.

  • Peanuts are also left in it.  In this regard, its entire part like patti, stem and small roots are also there from which Neera is prepared.

  • It is very natural and its roots contain a lot of nutrients and the upper part contains a lot of nutrients which strengthens the animals.

  • We now hope that you all have come to know about peanut straw.



Which animals can this straw be feed?

  • Peanut straw can be feed to all kinds of Cattel animals.  Can feed small and big animals of all ages  For example -goat, cow, buffalo, horse etc.


The Right Way to Feed Peanut Straw

  •  The right way to feed groundnut straw is that you can feed it directly to goats or any other animal and it is dry.  Moongfali colour is green so  animals eat it with great fervor.

  •  And peanuts are also found in it and you can feed it directly to the animals.


How to identify good quality straw?

  • The color of good straw is very clear.
  • The good straw will be dry and by pressing it in the hand, a sound should come in it.
  • When the color of the straw becomes clear, it is known that it is not wet.  
  • There is number one bhoosha who is a perfect fit for our animals.

groundnut bhusha


  • The cost of peanut straw is ₹17 per kg




Benefits of feeding peanut straw?

  •  There are many benefits of feeding this straw which are as follows
  •  Peanuts contain a lot of nutrients which make our animals strong.
  •  Groundnut feed is cheaper than all types of feed, due to which our cost is less and profit is more.
  •  The color of groundnut straw is green, due to which animals eat it a lot and after eating it drink a lot of water, due to which our animals are very strong and ready quickly.
  •  Small pieces are left in the straw of the groundnut, which is considered like nectar.  It contains a lot of protein which is very beneficial for animals.
  •  Peanuts are also mixed in groundnut straw, due to which more protein increases in it.  It is also very useful for us because it can be used by every small and big animal.


Which animal can feed peanut straw?

1 Goat Peanut Straw
2 Horse Peanut Straw
3 Cow Peanut Straw
4 Buffalo Peanut Straw


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Irfan Oct. 2, 2022


Irfan Oct. 2, 2022


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We need Peanut Straw in Quantity for Goat

Irfan April 18, 2024

Mujhe mungfali ka chara lena hai

Irfan April 18, 2024

Mujhe mungfali ka chara lena hai

Shailendra kumar April 23, 2024

₹999 पर कुंतल गेहूं का क भूसा है! 7701804624

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