Premium Mineral Block

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Premium Mineral Block


It is a multi-purpose, highly palatable vitamin and mineral supplement block for goats. This mineral block is better to supplement with salt. And it can be put directly into the pasture. Mineral blocks provide minerals and salt for animals of all ages and breeds. Loss of appetite, slow growth, low lactate levels and complications with fertility due to a lack of minerals and salts, as well as a weakened immune system, make the animal more vulnerable to diseases. 


Mineral blocks are very important for goats. Because fodder alone cannot meet all their nutritional needs. And, as the calves get closer to weaning. Providing them with a mineral supplement can help boost their immune system. At the same time they can become accustomed to being on feed. 


This is a special kind of mineral block for goats. Most goats have a habit of licking walls and bricks. Due to which harmful chemicals go into their stomach. And they get sick. Now they can lick the mineral block. which is healthy for them. The shortage of green fodder can also be met through its use. And milk production also increases. Its consumption strengthens the digestive system of animals.





Is salt good for goats?


Goats are actually looking for salt. It can be very useful as a carrier of other essential nutrients. Salt is an essential mineral for goats. And they need to consume it regularly. 


Mineral feeders placed near shade and stray areas are convenient for the movement of goats. and encourage consumption. When mineral feeders are placed near water. So goats can easily clean their palate. Minerals can return to the feeder to consume more minerals. 





Benefits of licking blocks


  • It contains 84 minerals. Which are essential for a healthy life including magnesium, iron and potassium. When animals swallow salt and minerals. So it helps in maintaining strong bones and muscle strength. Provides relief from tired and aching bones. Improves blood and heart health. Pink color indicates high mineral content. 
  • Helps to reduce boredom. Whereas your animal needs nutrients. Rich in valuable minerals essential for your animal's health and vitality. 
  • Excellent source of iron, potassium and magnesium, which replenish electrolytes lost during hard workouts. and facilitates the conversion of carbohydrates into energy at the cellular level. 
  • Animals eat more dry fodder. and reduces the spoilage of fodder.
  • The digestive power of the animal remains fine.
  • The fat content of the animal increases in milk production.
  • It is a good treasure trove of mineral elements.
  • By licking it, all the necessary deficiencies of the animal are fulfilled.





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