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Premium Sulphur Block



Sulphur blocks traditionally involve pouring Sulphur into large, monolithic blocks for storage. In most cases, movable slipforms or other temporary forms are used to shape the block, However concrete blocks and even dirt berms are also used to make sulfur block walls. This Sulphur block is used for the licking of cattle, dairy cows, goats and sheep. 


Sulphur salt lick is made from fine-grained salt in the form of a compressed Sulphur salt block. and is prepared with Sulphur. Sulphur is an essential element in the body's cells and the amino acids cysteine ​​and methionine. Licking or blocking of this Sulphur salt is particularly recommended when feeding urea or other non-protein nitrogen compounds to the ruminant's diet.



Is Premium Sulphur Block Good for Goats ?



Sulphur is an essential nutrient. Which is necessary for the normal growth and reproduction of bacteria in the rumen of cattle. Sulphur block is very important for goats. Where non-protein nitrogen - for example, urea - is used to substitute for some proteins. Sulphur-containing mineral blocks are often used to control external parasites in goats. Excessive sulfur in high-concentration diets may contribute to polioencephalomalacia.



Premium Sulphur Block For Cows



Sulphur salt blocks, specially those prepared with sulphur, are compressed blocks made from the tested salt. Sulphur is an essential mineral for animals. And it must be included in the diet of ruminants in order to synthesize certain amino acids, vitamins and enzymes. These blocks are weather resistant to feed free fodder for cattle, goats and sheep. 






Salt (as NaCI) (min): 92.00%

Salt (as NaCI) (max): 97.90%

Sulphur (S) (min): 3.00%






Salt, Sulphur, FD&C Yellow 5 and Mineral Oil.



Sulphur is needed for goats, dairy cattle and sheep. Which you will find in our Sulphur Salt Blocks. Even when sufficient levels of Sulphur are available naturally. Even then, a Sulphur - rich diet can help sheep increase wool production. And dairy cattle can improve milk production. 



Chemical Analysis
Element Average Analysis
% Sodium Chloride (NaCl) 95 - 97
% Sulphur (S) 3.0 Min.
Magnesium Chloride  (MaCl2) 0.137 %
Potassium Chloride  (KCL) 0.245 %
Calcium Sulphate  (CaSO4) 0.043 %
Moisture Content 0.098 %
Ca 0.014 %
Mg 0.035 %
PH 7.83




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